Cherry Vanilla, Part 5

Cherry Vanilla #5
Travis didn’t waste any time shooting the first zombie that walked in. He shot it right in the middle of its face and the entire thing exploded in a large bloody mess. The sound of splatter brought a smile to Travis’s lips. He took a step back as he tried to reload.

“Ladies, get behind me,” Solo said. He heard a frustrated sigh from Neil. “You, too, Neil!” The Walmart employees got behind Solo as he attacked the next available zombie. He smacked the zombie in the face with the spade. The zombie lost its jaw. They both watched as it slid across the floor until it hit a box of bananas. Solo looked back at the zombie and shrugged his shoulders before he decapitated it. The body fell to the floor and bled at their feet.

Travis finished reloading and shot the next zombie square in the face, thusly exploding the entire head. Everyone was sprayed with the pus and blood for the zombie was quite large. He looked up and watched Solo tear apart another zombie. That was four dead zombies that he counted, but when he looked up, there were four more that had just come in. He surmised that the zombies must have heard him shoot the door and made their way over. Another one of Solo’s ideas that turned out to be a bad one. If he survived this, he was going to have a word with him.

“There’s too many of them!” Solo stated the obvious. “We need to fall back!”

The Walmart employees took this instruction to heart and ran away into the main part of the store. Solo and Travis tried to keep the zombies from wandering past them, but it was difficult because it seemed that every zombie that was in the neighbourhood was coming through.

The zombies knew that there were more of them than there were humans and used this to their advantage. They jumped Solo and tackled him onto the floor. They tried to rip his abdomen open with their claws. When do zombies have claws, Solo thought. He grabbed his shovel and kicked the zombie off of him. He sat up and spun the shovel above his head and sliced the zombies’ throats open, covering him in thick, gooey blood. This made Solo gag.

“Solo!” Travis was pinned under three zombies; his gun out of reach. Solo stood up and smacked them with his shovel. He swung and lopped off two of their heads. Their bodies fell limp against Travis. The third lively zombie was trying hard to sink its teeth into Travis’s neck. Solo reached down and pulled the zombie away. Travis shoved the bodies off of him, grabbed his shotgun and blew the zombie away. He got up and high fived Solo.

“Teamwork makes the dream work,” Travis said. “Though I’m still mad at you!”

“Mad at me for what?” Solo asked.

They heard screams coming from inside the store. Solo turned to see what the matter was. That was when he saw the bloody footprints leading from the back stock room to the store proper. He was aching to get in there anyway. He turned to leave, but then he stopped to look at Travis. More zombies were coming in through the door.

Travis saw Solo’s indecision and smiled. “Go, help them. I’ll be fine.”

“How many bullets do you have?” Solo asked.


Solo could tell that he was lying, but there wasn’t enough time to argue. He turned and entered the store. He immediately ran to where he heard the scream, the produce section. It was there that he saw that Jamie had fallen victim to a zombie. Her guts now decorated the guavas, the watermelons, and the grapes. The zombie was still chewing on her face when Solo arrived. He braced his bloody shovel for impact. The zombie growled at him as he approached. When he got close enough, the zombie jumped up and ran at him. Solo was swift in exacting his revenge. The head flew and joined the ranks of the cantaloupes, leaving another corpse to collapse on the floor.

“Clean up in Aisle 3,” Solo cheered.

With no other sign of zombies, he remembered why he was there in the first place. He quickly ran to the frozen food aisles and searched frantically for the ice cream he desired. He found the Breyer’s, the Dreyer’s, and the Haagen-Dazs, but he couldn’t find the Blue Bunny.

“No, it has to be here!” Solo said out loud.

“Can I help you find anything?”

Solo was startled and instinctively swung his shovel. Neil dove out of the way and crawled to a safe distance. “Holy shit, Neil, I almost took your head off.”

“I noticed.”

“Where’s the Blue Bunny?” Solo pointed to the freezers and wanted answers. Neil stood up and walked over to him. He looked further down and found it next to the Blue Bell ice cream. Solo inspected the goods and found that there was only one tub left, but it was Banana Split flavoured. The section where the Cherry Vanilla was supposed to be was empty. Solo felt that he, too, was empty.

“I’m sorry, man,” Neil said. “When the Zombie Apocalypse happened, we had a big rush and we sold out of a lot of stuff!”

“Who the hell buys 18 tubs of sugar free Cherry Vanilla ice cream in the middle of a Zombie fucking Apocalypse?”

Solo fell to his knees. He had suddenly lost the will to move, the will to fight, the will to live. His whole day was ruined. His whole life was ruined. There was nothing else to do, but die. From the frightened look on Neil’s face, Solo surmised that there was probably a zombie coming for him. He closed his eyes and decided to just let it come. His life had become forfeit the moment he saw that the ice cream was gone. He wished that he could have seen Gwen one last time so that they could have shared the deliciousness that was Blue Bunny’s sugar free Cherry Vanilla ice cream.


Solo’s mood brightened. He supposed he could take comfort that as long as he had Gwen, he would be happy for the rest of the week if they survived the apocalypse. He felt rather silly about wanting to die because he didn’t get the ice cream he wanted. His life now had purpose; he wanted to live again. Then he remembered the frightened look on Neil’s face and realized that he had waited too long. A firm grip on his shoulder confirmed this.


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