Cherry Vanilla, Part 1

It was about 6:30pm when Solomon Reed woke up from his nap. The first thing he noticed was that the house was silent. Usually, the living room was alive with the sounds of video games being played on the Xbox 360, but now, there was nothing. He was slightly puzzled by this, but he didn’t think too much of it. His girlfriend Gwen must have been reading a book downstairs or something. Solo sat up in the bed and realized that he had been sweating in his sleep. He found it impossible to sleep without the full cover of a blanket, regardless of the 100 degree desert weather outside. He decided that a shower was in order.

Solo stripped out of his pajama wear and hopped into the tub for a nice cool shower. As he lathered himself in Old Spice body wash, he started to think of other options for cooling down he could utilize. He thought about maybe going to the neighbourhood pool; it was the perfect summer day for it. Then he could top the night off with an iced tea and a nice bowl of sugar free cherry vanilla ice cream. This must happen!

After his shower, he put back on his pajama wear (a wife beater and Captain Morgan pajama pants) and headed downstairs to alert Gwen of his decision. When he arrived, he found that she was not down there. Maybe she was on the patio. He walked through the dining room and opened the vertical blinds that stood between him and the patio. There was no one in the hammock outside. He closed the blinds and headed to the kitchen where he found a note stuck to the refrigerator under a banana magnet.

“Solo, I went to the grocery store. Call me if you there’s something that you want,” the note read. Solo saw that the note was dated and the time listed was as 2:45pm. He looked at the time on the microwave and saw that it was about 6:50pm. She left the house four hours ago and had not returned, this worried him. Maybe she had some other errands to run. At any rate, he thought it would be a good idea to give her a call.

He placed the note on the kitchen counter and went to find his cell phone. It was lying on the coffee table in the living room, next to his Xbox 360 controller. He picked it up and saw that he had three missed calls and two messages. He saw that the missed calls were from Gwen. Instead of listening to the messages, he just called her back. The line rang. He wanted to make sure that he mentioned the ice cream to her for his heart was set on it. The line continued to ring. It finally picked up.


“Gwen! Hey, it’s me.”

“You’ve reached the phone of Gwen Harper. I’m not able to answer the phone right now, but if you leave your name and number, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. K, thanks, bye!”

Solo hung up the phone before the beep. He immediately called her back and let the line ring. It picked up and went straight to voicemail. Solo decided to leave a message this time.

“Hey Gwen, it’s Solo. I’m not sure if you’re still grocery shopping, but I really want some ice cream for dessert! I want the Blue Bunny sugar free Cherry Vanilla kind. Give me a call back as soon as you can. Alright, I love you. Bye.” He hung up the phone and placed it in his pocket.

He sat down on the couch and turned on the TV. The news came on briefly. The news anchor mentioned that ‘they’ came out of nowhere and that people were to stay indoors before Solo turned on the Xbox 360. He felt like playing a game of Castle Crashers. When the game console booted up, he made his way through the menu and selected Castle Crashers.

Just as the game was about to start, there was a knock on the door. “Oh, that’s Gwen with the groceries.” Solo set his controller down and hopped up to answer the door. He unlocked the chain lock and twisted the deadbolt. He quickly opened the door and was ready to assist with the bringing of groceries. He was stunned when he saw that the person standing in the door way wasn’t Gwen. It was a man with a bloodied face, wearing a tattered blue button up shirt and bloodied dress slacks. The man had lost a shoe. Solo stared at the man’s face and saw that it was mostly missing and dripping with pus.

“Holy shit!” Having played Left 4 Dead, he knew immediately what was darkening his doorstep. “Zombie!” He went to shut the door, but the zombie overpowered him and shoved the door open. It invited itself inside and stomped towards Solo, who had stumbled backwards and tripped. Solo crawled back until he reached the wall. He stood up and swiftly ran into the bathroom. He locked the door and backed away. He watched the door knob jiggle as the zombie struggled to gain access to the tasty morsel inside. Solo hoped that the door knob would hold. It wasn’t exactly a trustworthy knob; it had the propensity to fall off under duress.

The door knob stopped jiggling. Solo stared at the bottom of the door and tried to determine if the zombie had given up. The carpet underneath the door stopped him from seeing if there was a shadow there. After a minute, the door knob did not jiggle again. Solo breathed a sigh of relief. He ventured a few steps towards the door. As he reached for the knob, there was a loud slam against the door. Solo cried out and backed away.
The zombie must have found something heavy and was continually banging it against the door. Cracks were beginning to form. It was a flimsy one ply wooded door. It wouldn’t keep the zombie out for very long. Solo knew he needed help. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone. He dialed 911, but there was a busy signal. The zombie growled angrily on the other side of the door. Solo felt its frustration.

The zombie punched a hole in the door and was able to see its prey. This encouraged it to try dismantling the door much quicker. It grunted hungrily as pieces of the door fell to the floor.

Solo had always hoped that if the Zombie Apocalypse ever happened, that he would go out in a blaze of glory. There was nothing glorious about cowering in a bathroom while being eaten by a flesh hungry zombie. He sighed because he knew there was little chance of him getting his ice cream now.


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